Cocoon, July 2014


In the past 22 hours, 3 people have told me I seem softer and don’t have my usual edge. I know what they’re talking about. I’m not offended. I am coming into my own.

I now acknowledge what I refused to believe/see/feel the previous year. And now I’m discovering that I can’t be hurt unless I allow it, that I can’t be lied to without accepting a lie as truth, that I can’t be devalued without first lacking self-worth. I am reclaiming my merit, my deservedness and realizing that only I can determine my significance. Speaking my new truth has indeed softened me.

While I know I have a lot to work on still, I am really loving this new me, this new woman. She’s not a new self, a new brain, a new heart or a new body. The core parts of this woman have always been there. She’s a modified version of a former truth. She was just waiting, wrapped snugly in her cocoon. And as soon as she stopped seeing herself through someone else’s eyes – The beautiful butterfly with delicate wings started to emerge. She is, no, I am becoming the woman I was meant to be. And I am going to be okay.

~ Jen Troyer, July 2014

Author: The Green Dragon Lady

Jen is a Digital Nomad, Business Owner and aspiring Wordsmith. Jen splits her time 90% in Thailand and 10% in Seattle. She’s a tattooed eco-warrior, traveler, mom, vegetarian, diver, pool hall junkie, political loud mouth, and advocate for women and animals. As a highly functional person living with OCD most of her life, she channels that energy through spreadsheets (so many!), living in her happy place (Thailand), caring for animals (including rescued elephants), spending quality time with friends and family, listening to live music, and being passionately outspoken about what matters to her. Jen owns an eco-friendly house cleaning company in Seattle and loves teaching people how to do anything in the most environmentally and socially responsible way possible. Whether it’s the food we put in our bodies, the cleaning products and supplies we use in our homes, or the businesses we frequent, there’s always a responsible solution. She believes every dollar spent is a vote for something. Where you spend has a big impact.